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La Hora De Perrear Visual Film

La Goony Chonga

Cross Cut handled the edit and finishing for this 3-song visual album, created for the release of La Goony Chonga's album, La Hora De Perrear. Featuring skits and music, it's a giddy celebration of all things that scream Dade County… gallinas, croquetas, squads of chongas, and more.


Production Company: Grand Crew

Directors: PAPO & Geoff Levy

Post Production: Cross Cut Pictures

Editor: JC Nunez

Color: Visual Creatures

Colorist: Josh Bohoskey

Producer: Melissa Langaas

Coordinator: Lindsey Orlando

Sound Design/Mix: Benjamin Conlon

Executive Producer: Chelsea Kaiser at Cross Cut Pictures

Associate Producer: Jenni Loo at Cross Cut Pictures