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Grand Crew Collaboration

Learn more about our recent team-ups with the amazing team at Grand Crew!

It’s hard to talk about our new work lately without name-dropping our friends at the incredible new creative agency Grand Crew. We have been so fortunate to partner with them on several amazing projects over the last few months!

Our collaboration began last year on the visual album “La Hora de Perrear,” for La Gooney Chonga. As co-director (and Grand Crew Executive Creative Director) Geoff Sean Levy said in a recent interview:

“The visual album was a whole movie to make with [co-director] Papo’s vision at the inception. [The idea was to make] a wild love letter to growing up in Miami around Cuban culture. Since the EP, Ian Kaplan, and myself also grew up in South Florida, it felt like a nice return to our roots.

This project snapped me right back into growing up [there]. The ratchet energy of grinding at supervised house parties when you’re in middle school...Getting croquetas at the gas station. A favorite footnote of this project was having a cafecito between every setup to power through the day. A lot of my good friends in New York are from Miami and said we did them proud.”

Grand Crew were also our creative partners on the recent Spotify series “La Vida Es Una,” showcasing the artist Myke Towers. His journey in creating his most recent album is the narrative through-line of the series.

Geoff also directed “La Vida es Una,” with his business partner Ian Kaplan serving as EP. Regarding his own creative journey:

“Most of my energy right now has been in building Grand Crew…there’s always something that needs attention and energy, from directing, to creative pitches, to searching for the right artist for a project that’s tapped us to find the right voice. I love it because it’s giving me opportunities to find artists, get a chance to work with them, and bolster their voice.”

Speaking of Spotify…we teamed up AGAIN with Grand Crew for Spotify’s incredible RADAR series, featuring the multi-talented Reneé Rapp. Check out her performance, or visit Spotify RADAR on YouTube to get to know her in our full-length interview.

Our next big Grand Crew collaboration coming up for release is Chasing Light, a documentary/photo/AR magazine project about businesses in NYC’s Chinatown.

A deep-dive into one of the city’s most storied neighborhoods, the documentary shines a light on how some community leaders and local characters balance a sense of tradition with the area’s evolving needs.

Regarding his work spotlighting the unique cultural pockets existing within larger metropolitan ecosystems, Geoff says;

“A lot of the times I’ve worked on projects because…I was invited to be a creative partner and tell an honest story in an interesting way – even when they haven’t been my stories. I’m grateful that I’ve been invited into safe spaces. I never care to have the loudest voice in those situations, I just know how to communicate with a camera, how to preserve the realness, and how to enjoy doing it.”

Read the full interview with Geoff for 1.4 here! And be sure to watch this space for more creative collaborations with this brilliant team!