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Border Angels | Limbo

Feast your eyes on our new short doc, Limbo!

We are so proud to share our new documentary short Limbo, directed by our Co-Founder, Alex Ramsey.

Limbo is the story of a young man named Edward, who came to the US from Mexico, like so many others, in search of a better life. Now 29, Edward hasn't seen his family since he crossed the US-Mexico border on foot 10 years ago. Finding his path to citizenship bureaucratically impeded, he grapples with the idea of leaving the life he built in New York behind forever in exchange for a long overdue homecoming. Will Edward reunite with his family or continue in his precarious liminal state?

We are honored to be screening Limbo at the New Jersey Independent Film Festival on June 3rd. Stay tuned after the screening for a Live Q&A with Alex and Edward!

We have partnered with the incredible team at Border Angels to promote and distribute this film. Founded in 1986, Border Angels’ mission is to promote a culture of love through advocacy and education, and to engage in direct action to defend the rights of migrants and refugees.

Edward’s story will spark a debate, but that’s the goal. Through this film, we hope to advance the narrative that immigrants are not only deserving of respect and dignity as human beings, but are vital to the health of our nation. We believe that art can be a powerful force for good in this fight. That’s why Cross Cut Pictures pledges to commit 5% of our yearly revenue to producing work that contributes positively to our community.

Alex took a moment to share how this project began and why this felt like a story that needed to be shared:

“I met Edward through my partner, Claudia, and soon came to know him as one of the most selfless and kind souls I’ve ever met. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that Edward confessed that he was an undocumented immigrant. I knew that there must be a story there, but I wasn’t sure he would want to share it.
Over time Edward began to open up about his past, and I noticed his story wasn’t like most immigrant stories I had heard before; his situation was a bit more complicated and his perspective was uniquely positive.
Edward attempted to cross the border just before he turned 18 but was sent back by border patrol. Shortly after his 18th birthday, he crossed the border again and arrived in New York City after a painstaking journey. He finally made it, but with one massive caveat: he was excluded from DACA. Little did he know at the time, this would preclude him from any right to citizenship now and potentially forever.
When he told me he was stuck here, I had many questions. Why did he do it? Did he regret it now? From our conversations, I knew there was a burning in his heart to tell his story, so I asked him for a recorded interview. He agreed, and Limbo was born.”